Wednesday, May 9

Office space of the day :: eclectic style

 Loving the chocolate color on the walls, too cute! There is such a beautiful contrast between the white and chocolate brown. If you are looking for a space to convert into a home office, try a closet in a spare bedroom. By removing the closet doors + adding shelving + paint to match rest of the interior, you can actually create a awesome space. I actually designed my home office using a extra closet in a spare bedroom. I must admit, it turned out fabulously cute! This office niche is a super cute space to house a desk and some extra goodies for your office. I love how they painted a rustic sawhorse that is now used for a desk + the too cute brown chair + accessories + the pendant lighting illuminates this office perfectly, such a polished look. The design + style used in this home office gives a feeling of eclectic style.
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